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Mold Prevention Guide

Mold thrives in the presence of the following:

1. Source of "food" – organic materials like wood, textiles, paper and sheetrock are common sources of food for mold, as well as most materials used in construction.
2. Necessary moisture level – Humidity levels of 65% - 90% are requisite for the growth of mold.
3. Temperature requirements – Temperatures around 50-100 degrees encourage mold to grow. This is the average temperature inside a household.
4. An oxygen supply – Any indoor environment would provide enough oxygen for mold to thrive.

While the first three conditions are largely beyond our control, the fourth is not; the control of moisture levels is the only practical opportunity that we have to prevent the growth of mold.

Follow the following mold prevention measures:

  • In case of any water leaks or large spills indoors, be sure to dry all soaked items and surfaces within the first 48 hours after the incident.
  • Ensure that the drip pans under the air conditioner are kept clean and that there is nothing blocking the flow within the drain lines.
  • Place any ground slopes as far away from the foundation of your building as possible. This prevents water from entering your building's foundation and collecting there.
  • Ensure that your roof gutters are always functional and regularly cleaned.

How to reduce humidity:

To lower the levels of humidity, apply the following tips:

  • Keep indoor humidity below 50%. The optimal levels are between 30% and 50%.
  • Keep a window open or otherwise use exhaust fans while taking a shower, cooking, using the dishwasher etc.
  • Some combustion devices and appliance like stoves, heaters and dryers may produce some water vapor. Try to vent such appliances to the outside as often as possible.
  • You may use de-humidifiers and proper air ventilation systems when necessary.

How to prevent condensation:

You may prevent condensation by applying the following tips:

  • Reduce the levels of humidity.
  • Dry any wet surfaces that may stem from water dripping from pipes or condensing on walls, or moisture collecting on windows. Identify and remove the source of moisture immediately.
  • Use insulation materials to cover any cold surfaces and tubes.
  • Increase the temperature of the air.
  • Increase ventilation, even using fans if necessary.

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