Attic Mold Removal NJ Services

Attic Mold Removal NJ

There are many reasons why attic mold removal is best left to professionals. Attics are often very tight spaces, were you can easily get wooden/ fiberglass splinters or get punctured with one of many nail ends sticking out of your sloping attic ceiling. The lack of ventilation makes wearing full protection suit a must while performing mold remediation procedures in your attic.

And, of course, the last thing you want to do is spread mold spores from your attic to the rest of your house due to the simple lack of experience (and proper equipment). Above & Beyond Mold Inspection & Removal will take care of all of your problems related to mold in your New Jersey home.

Causes of Mold in Attic

Mold in the attics is more common than you may think. In a humid and flood-prone New Jersey climate, attic mold is going head to head with all-time leader - basement mold. It is usually caused by lack of ventilation as well as prolonged exposure to moisture.

Among the most common causes of moldy attic are:

  • Improper Ventilation or lack of it
  • Minor and Major Roof Leaks
  • Faulty or Missing Insulation
  • Ice and Snow Damming Problems
  • Improperly exhausted Dryer, Bathroom and Kitchen vents
  • Heaters and Furnaces in the attic
  • Condensation Effect during cold season

Along with "usual suspects":

  • Excessive Humidity (Over 55%)
  • Excessive Warmth
  • Darkness (lack of sunlight/ultraviolet light)
  • Abundance of Organic Materials
  • Dirt and Debris

Where does Mold Grow in the Attic?

New Jersey attics provide optimal conditions for mold to grow and multiply quickly. Mold in your attic can grow on:

  • Wood frames, boards etc
  • On insulation materials
  • Around plumbing pipe & joints
  • Around roofing nails
  • Around Vent exhausts
  • Around Roof Soffits
  • On Dirt and Dust
  • Any stored materials

How Dangerous Attic Mold Really Is?

In most cases, mold in the attic does not really pose an immediate danger to your health. Due to the way warm air travels around the house (from the bottom to the top), mold usually stays contained within attic space, causing serious harm to your property.

However, there are situations when moisture can get inside your house walls through the cracks in attic floor. Such mold can grow there for a long time without ever being detected.

Our Attic Mold Remediation Process

There is no universal attic mold remediation protocol – it varies from case to case according to your specific situation and condition. Typically, mold remediation in attic consist of these steps:

Attic Mold Removal Process

Our mold remediation process utilizes industry best materials and equipment available, and guaranteed to follow EPA guidelines.

You may also want to check out our sample mold remediation protocol for some additional information.

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