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Certified & licensed mold removal company in Woodbine, Cape May County, NJ 08270 Above & Beyond Mold Inspection & Removal is known for its world's class and around the clock services and handles all the major jobs that make you feel comfortable at home. As our services are not limited merely to inspection, we offer Mold Removal and Testing, Dry Ice blasting removal, restoration and cleanup of water flooding and many more services as well.

We are not new in this field and have a large team of Professionals working since 1998 serving the Woodbine NJ. Above & Beyond Mold Inspection & Removal meets EPA guidelines and thus we are capable enough to offer a high class service to entire Woodbine NJ.

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Certified Mold Professionals

Mold Inspection & Testing Woodbine NJ

Mold Testing Woodbine, Cape May County New Jersey 08270 Mold Inspection becomes mandatory when your home environment starts contaminated. In this case, our experienced and professional team collects the Air samples that are obtained through a pump equipped with a testing cartridge and pump runs for a set of time. The collected sample is sent to laboratory for further analysis. Our skilled and certified inspectors bring a high detailing of the mold out of the pitch, making you aware whether the mold is harmful for health or not. Our inspectors provide a full detail of tested sample and also let you know if there's a requirement of consultation with a healthcare professional.

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Mold Remediation & Removal Woodbine NJ

Mold Remediation Woodbine, Cape May County New Jersey 08270 Looking for Mold removal services in Woodbine NJ? Above & Beyond Mold Inspection & Removal is the only solution where you will find certified professionals unlike other non-certified companies in the entire Woodbine. We are providing 5 years of warranty on encapsulated materials and our goal is to maintain dignity by offering 100% customer satisfaction with the highest quality of service as possible.

The team members are expertized from mold inspection to site cleanup and restoration and we believe that no other company has all the members certified with Micro-COMRC, EPA and IIRC. Our job perfection is 100% Guaranteed and Satisfactory.

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Flood & Water Damage Restoration Woodbine NJ

Water Damage Restoration Woodbine, Cape May County New Jersey 08270 In major calamities of nature such as flooding emergency, Above & Beyond Mold Inspection & Removal offers water damage restoration and provides a relief to those who have experienced and suffered every moment of stress and pressure under such calamities. We are certified experts where we believe that the home is place of happiness, understand you and want you in your home. So simply call our 24/7 services for Storage, Mold testing and Cleanup, property restoration, Drying and Dehumidifying areas and much, much more!

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Coronavirus Disinfection & Cleaning in Woodbine NJ

Virus Disinfection & Sanitizing Woodbine, Cape May County New Jersey 08270 Floor to ceiling coronavirus disinfecting & sanitizing service guaranteed to kill 99.99% of 140+ viruses and bacteria including COVID-19.

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