Mold inspection and remediation in South Orange New Jersey 07079
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Certified, licensed, insured and bonded mold, water and basement company in South Orange, Essex County New Jersey 07079Everyone is emotionally invested in their homes. We are quite aware of this fact and this is why we at Above and Beyond Unlimited Cleaning try to take care of your South Orange home as we would our own, when carrying out any urgent repairs that might be necessary. We are available 24 X 7, so call us in case of any such problems that need immediate attention.

We believe in customer satisfaction; our A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau bears this out. We have 15 years in the field of emergency home repairs and we offer a 'one-stop' service for all your urgent home repair needs.

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Mold Inspection & Testing South Orange NJ

Mold Testing South Orange, Essex County New Jersey 07079In winters or during the rains, there might be mold formation in your South Orange NJ home; in such cases, you should ensure that your family, especially young children, stay away as some types of mold spores can be deadly. Call in the experts immediately.

Our team of certified experts will arrive, armed with the necessary tools for carrying out a visual exam and to collect the required samples for testing.

After the mold inspector does a visual exam, if necessary, he will collect air samples and mold samples for analysis. The samples are then analyzed by a third party lab.
Mold Inspection South Orange, Essex County New Jersey 07079

Mold Remediation & Removal South Orange NJ

Mold Remediation South Orange, Essex County New Jersey 07079Now we know the type of mold we're dealing with; so we can discuss the next step towards mold removal. We utilize a predetermined process that comes highly recommended for mold remediation. We use materials and chemicals that meet the highest industry standards, so that you can move back in right away without any worries.

Once the mold is removed, true to our name, we do a little extra; we also ensure that the mold does not recur, putting you in harms' way. We are a fully insured firm and offer up to 5 year warranty on the materials used for mold removal.
Mold Removal South Orange, Essex County New Jersey 07079

Flood & Water Damage Restoration South Orange NJ

Water Damage Restoration South Orange, Essex County New Jersey 07079If there is a crisis involving flooding, it is advisable to have it attended to right away. The experts recommend getting it seen to within a day or two to prevent mold formation.

Our qualified and certified team will arrive in your home to extract the water, dry the area and carry out the necessary repairs. Our 15 years of experience in this field should help you to let us take care of your South Orange home, even when you are not around to supervise.
Flood Cleanup South Orange, Essex County New Jersey 07079

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