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Certified, licensed, insured and bonded mold, water and basement company in Lakehurst, Ocean County New Jersey 08733, 08759Are you facing a flood situation or do you have a potentially dangerous mold infestation?

Whatever it is that has made you an insomniac, we, Above and Beyond Unlimited Cleaning, provide the best solutions to your problems. Whether your property in Lakehurst NJ is big or small, even a localized mold infection or grade 1 water logging affects your family's health and your valuable estate. We, Above and Beyond Unlimited Cleaning, resolve to give you complete freedom from mold and after flood restoration concerns.

You can bank on our name built through 15 long years, by ceaseless advancement of processes and implements, gaining honors from nationwide valued establishments, for our devotion to 100% customers' satisfaction. As we go about rendering the finest mold removal and flood impairment repair services, we ensure you are always in the know of the processes involved because it's your property after all!

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Mold Inspection & Testing Lakehurst NJ

Mold Testing Lakehurst, Ocean County New Jersey 08733, 08759If you notice a mold infections on your property don't panic! Just make a call to Above and Beyond Unlimited Cleaning in Lakehurst and our MICRO CMI certified inspectors shall be at your service.

They will promptly inspect and ascertain the intensity of problem with the most up-to date apparatus including but not limited to moisture meters and thermal imagers and collect air sample cartridges attached to pumps to find flying spores, bringing it to a 3rd party lab for impartial and accurate investigation. Only then the experienced man offers his well considered opinion on the level and nature of the problem. So you can keep your home and loved ones safe, because although not all molds need professional remedial services; some can be really toxic – requiring professional medical advice for your family members. Moreover, it provides an opportunity for you to make a wise judgment about paying for the required work.
Mold Inspection Lakehurst, Ocean County New Jersey 08733, 08759

Mold Remediation & Removal Lakehurst NJ

Mold Remediation Lakehurst, Ocean County New Jersey 08733, 08759In case you do need professional remediation services, look no further because we, Above and Beyond Unlimited Cleaning, are a licensed, wholly insured and bonded A+ rated firm by New Jersey Better Business Bureau! All of our personnel are certified by EPA, Micro-COMRC and IICRC. You are in safe hands when you need mold remediation services in Lakehurst NJ with our company, because we believe in fair trade practices, professional approach and devotion to complete client delight.

It's our business to remove the mold on your property and also prevent its return by employing encapsulated materials with a 5year warranty. We constantly review ourselves by business yardsticks and regulatory specifications, upgrading ourselves to latest tools and methods. We make sure every surface and air content of your homes is contamination free.
Mold Removal Lakehurst, Ocean County New Jersey 08733, 08759

Flood & Water Damage Restoration Lakehurst NJ

Water Damage Restoration Lakehurst, Ocean County New Jersey 08733, 08759Floods just happen when they would, just like other water spillages or water logging situations. We, Above and Beyond Unlimited Cleaning, empathize with the many concerns you face in such conditions. So our experts provide round-the-clock support to you in Lakehurst. We promptly provide all-in-one restitution, storage and clean-up services.

Over more than a decade we have used our formidable experiences in following EPA statutes which say that in case of all water damage, renovation must begin inside 48 hours. Our highly skilled professionals are always ready with up-to-the-minute appliances and the best in carpet and accessories cleaning and drying, and disinfecting services. Our resolution of using only EPA approved products soon returns your mental peace and your valuable estate. Those objects which are beyond salvage are removed but unhurt property is carefully protected from contamination and restored with proper care.
Flood Cleanup Lakehurst, Ocean County New Jersey 08733, 08759

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