Mold inspection and remediation in Dobbs Ferry New York 10522
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Certified, licensed, insured and bonded mold, water and basement company in Dobbs Ferry, Westchester County New York 10522When it comes to environmental remediation needs, Above and Beyond Unlimited Cleaning is the trusted company within Dobbs Ferry NY. Since 1998, this family-owned company has been offering high-quality service on issues concerning molds, general construction, cleaning, waste disposal, to name a few. The team of over 30 licensed professionals in the company is experts in providing fast, efficient, and economical services among residential and commercial areas.

It operates 24 hours a day all week which allows it to be one of the most reliable companies for property owners looking to get their spaces cleaned or fixed. They specialize in removing and preventing molds, from inspection to sampling, to actual removal and aftercare, they are the company to call.

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Mold Inspection & Testing Dobbs Ferry NY

Mold Testing Dobbs Ferry, Westchester County New York 10522No matter where you are, the presence of mold should not be taken lightly. Expect various health and safety concerns when mold contamination is present. Keep spores from the air and from damaging property in Dobbs Ferry NY with the company's Mold inspection service.

Above and Beyond Unlimited Cleaning's licensed mold inspection services are performed under regulated industry practice. Its thorough operations are done by experts following these steps: visual inspection, sampling for laboratory testing, analysis, and in-depth report.

The company's inspection team also uses only state-of-the-art techniques and equipment involving hi-tech practice such as thermal imaging, air and swab sampling, tracking all mold waste manifests, among others!
Mold Inspection Dobbs Ferry, Westchester County New York 10522

Mold Remediation & Removal Dobbs Ferry NY

Mold Remediation Dobbs Ferry, Westchester County New York 10522Don't let mold grow and spread throughout your property! Once inspected, get the molds removed from your Dobbs Ferry NY home or office by the experts at Above and Beyond Unlimited Cleaning. The company walks all their clients through the mold situation in their property and recommends the best method to fully contain the problem.

They efficiently remove the molds and their source first through physical removal. Shortly after removing the molds and the affected surfaces, mold encapsulation can be performed which adds a durable coat layer that keeps molds from growing back. For an area with a larger mold infestation, dry ice blasting Is recommended to effectively remove traces of mold. Both of these methods are safe and non-toxic.
Mold Removal Dobbs Ferry, Westchester County New York 10522

Flood & Water Damage Restoration Dobbs Ferry NY

Water Damage Restoration Dobbs Ferry, Westchester County New York 10522Faulty or wrong plumbing work leading to water damage on your building can lead to damage of your building leading to mold infestation. The longer you delay in hiring an expert to fix this, the more expensive for you. We offer you plumbing repairs and restoration on your building.

Water damage can arise as a result of many things. At Above and Beyond Unlimited Cleaning, we can detect any cause of water damage in your building and eliminate the source.

We have sophisticated industrial pumps and wet vacuums capable of serving all Dobbs Ferry NY. We extract, disinfect and deep clean up.
Flood Cleanup Dobbs Ferry, Westchester County New York 10522
Coronavirus Disinfection & Sanitizing in Dobbs Ferry NY. Commercial & Residential coronavirus disinfecting service using EPA-registered disinfectants labeled to kill 99.99% of coronavirus pathogens.

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Coronavirus Disinfection & Cleaning in Dobbs Ferry NY

Floor to ceiling coronavirus disinfecting & sanitizing service guaranteed to kill 99.99% of 140+ viruses and bacteria including COVID-19.

Specializing in residential and commercial:
Mold Inspection, Basement Mold Remediation, ERMI Mold Remediation, Mold Testing, Mold Removal, Air Duct Mold Removal, Attic Mold Cleanup, Mold Cleanup, Water Damage Restoration, Crawl Space Mold Remediation and Flood Clean up in Dobbs Ferry NY 10522 in Westchester County New York.
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