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Addressing mold growth problems

Mold grows where it gets appropriate moisture, temperature, and food. Typically, it grows in kitchen, basement, or bathroom, but it can develop in other places in your home such as attic, crawl space and air ducts if it finds appropriate conditions. The climate and your living habits contribute a great deal to mold growth.

Mold can grow within 48 hours after it finds the right conditions. If your home has water leakage in pipes or walls, possibility of mold growth will increase. It can grow on carpet, cardboard, clothes, ceiling, leather, and even on books. It is important that you address its growth as soon as you smell or see it growing.

To eliminate possibility of mold growth, you will have to start with mold inspection. You can find number of qualified mold inspectors in your area. Just call the one that offers best services and value for your money. The inspector will perform number of tests to determine the mold growth. If the outcome is positive, you will have to ask for mold remediation services so that you can get rid of mold and enjoy fresh air again.

To eliminate mold, mold remediation service provider will identify moisture sources. Unless these are addressed, mold will come back again. Any efforts of removing mold will go to waste as moisture will help mold growth and it will be back within six months. A qualified contractor providing mold remediation services will control moisture before doing anything else with the mold. The contractor will also ensure that there is no moisture after mold has been removed.

Many people believe that they can eliminate the mold using household methods. They will search for cleaning, biocides and disinfectant products to remove mold. However, none of these helps with mold remediation. In addition to no results from such efforts, you will be exposing residents to allergies and toxic breathing by using such products without taking help from an expert.

Although there is proof that biocides will kill mold spores preventing its growth, these products are unsafe to use without taking proper care. In addition to that, these chemicals will never remove the mold but they will only kill the spores. The only way to get rid of mold from your home on long-term basis is to either remove it completely or get rid of the thing where it’s growing.

In order to decide the course of action, mold remediation service provider will check the nature of material, it’s ability to absorb and the growth of mold on it. This will help to determine whether to remove the material and clean it up to get rid of mold growing on it. Typically, non-porous and semi-porous materials will be easy to clean up and re-use but porous materials will have to go out of the building. Since porous materials absorb moisture resulting in inner-growing mold, they are hard to clean. Even if cleaned on the surface, they may still have mold pores inside. The best way to deal with these materials is to get rid of them.

Professional vs. DIY Mold Remediation – When to call in the pros


Mold in the home is no joke, and once you’ve spotted it you’re sure to be asking yourself a number of different questions; how deep has it gone, should I get someone to look at it, how did I miss this for so long, is it possible there are more mold colonies somewhere? All of these questions and more slide through your mind in rapid fire succession as you begin to grapple with this new and oh so much more elaborate and interesting than usual home maintenance project.

The bottom line, whether or not anyone wants to hear it, is that if you watch your house like a hawk, checking the potential problem places on a regular basis and dealing with anything you find promptly, you might not ever have any serious problems with mold in your home. Continue reading

Mold Remediation Services – How To Choose A Suitable Company?


Mold can cause a lot of problems inside your home. This is why you should look out for some reliable mold remediation services in order to get rid of this smelly problem. A mold remediation company can help you get rid of this issue in quick time. However, choosing one company could prove to be a bit difficult for you. Mold and mildew are damaging and so you should remove them instantly in order to keep the health of your family intact. Here, we are going to help you choose a suitable company for the best remediation services.

Given below are some of the key steps and instructions that you must follow. You got to ensure that you follow these steps to generate some fine results.
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Removing Mold from Furniture without Spoiling the Wood


Should you throw away furniture that has been contaminated by mold or can moldy furniture be saved? Deciding what to do with mold-infested furniture is not always a straightforward decision but whichever course of action you decide to take will depend on various factors. For you to undertake mold remediation on wood, the mold needs to be visible. Your decision may also depend on whether primary or secondary contamination has taken place.

Primary contamination takes place when a piece of furniture directly facilitates mold growth given the moisture level of the furniture. For example, a wet seat or a piece of furniture that absorbs water following floods or leakages in the building is directly supporting mold growth. Secondary contamination occurs when a piece of furniture is close to other items that are mold infested or is placed in a mold-infested area. Even though the piece of furniture is not directly supporting mold formation, it can easily become contaminated due to proximity.
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