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Kitchen Mold Removal NJ

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What Causes Mold in Kitchen?

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  • Elevated levels of humidity for long periods of time
  • Water Leaks from Sink and Dishwasher
  • Plumbing Problems (Leaks & Overflows)
  • Water spills / Running tap water
  • Condensation on plumbing pipes
  • Steam from boiling water / cooking
  • Steam from Dishwasher
  • Plenty of food molds loves to grow on
  • Spoiled and rotten fruits and vegetables
  • Water Evaporation
  • Excessive Warmth
  • Poor Ventilation / Air Circulation

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Where does Mold Grow in the Kitchen?

In the kitchen mold can often grow on:

  • Underneath the countertops
  • Underneath the kitchen sink
  • Rotting fruits and vegetables
  • On the bottom of the fridge
  • On used bowls and plates
  • On wallpaper / wooden walls
  • On wooden cabinets
  • In your kitchen sink
  • On a drywall materials
  • In the kitchen sink drain
  • On food scraps in a trash
  • On cutting boards

How Dangerous Kitchen Mold Really Is?

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Our Kitchen Mold Remediation Process

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1) Addressing excessive moisture problem that led to mold contamination in the first place
2) Isolating work area to prevent mitigation of contaminants
3) Installation of Negative Air Scrubber machines & applicable equipment
4) Fog the area & contents of contaminated area with antimicrobial/antifungal disinfectant
5) All salvageable contents should be cleaned & transported to pod or portable containment unit
6) All contents that are unsalvageable should be bagged & transported to dumpster/ dump truck
7) Any surfaces such as wood beams/plyboards that are not getting removed should be sprayed & scrubbed down with antimicrobial/antifungal disinfectant to kill/remove any mold particles
8) Vacuum all surfaces with industrial HEPA vacuums
9) Encapsulate surfaces, wood beams/plyboards with mold resistant encapsulant paint

Our kitchen mold remediation process follows EPA guidelines and utilizes industry best equipment and materials.

Checkout our sample mold remediation protocol for more detailed information.

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